Summit Microelectronics  

Acquired by Qualcomm in June, 2013.

Programmable Power Management products

Spin transfer Technologies

New York University and Allied Minds have teamed to establish Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) to develop and commercialize OST-MRAM™, its spin transfer MRAM technology. 

iolo technologies

Founded in 1998, iolo technologies, LLC (www.iolo.com) innovates patented technology and award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects computers and digital devices.

System Mechanic® is an award-winning performance optimization suite that incorporates multiple patented and patent-pending innovations designed to fix, speed up and maintain computers so they run like new. Currently the top selling product of its kind in the US, Canada, UK, France, and the Benelux region according to NPD and similar sources, System Mechanic® has been used by more than 40 million consumers worldwide since 1998 to keep an estimated 75 million computers operating at peak performance.


Resonant can create designs for hard bands and complex requirements that we believe have the potential to be manufactured for half the cost and developed in half the time of traditional approachesenables.


Audyssey is the only company that has the expertise to solve the core audio problems that lie at the intersection of acoustics, psychoacoustics and audio signal processing. We research, design and develop innovative audio technologies that are in tens of millions of products. We enable todayfs leading brands to deliver incredible sound to their customers.

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